Legends & Tales

     Once of the things that I miss the most about the “old days” was the ability to sit back, on a lazy afternoon, and thumb through the pages of DRAGON or DUNGEON magazine.  More often than not, some little article would catch my eye and get my imagination wandering.  After that, it didn’t matter whether I ended up mowing the lawn or going fishing, I still had little “seeds” to be thinking about.

     While working on the campaign, I often pick a few NPCs or areas and try to flesh them out a bit.  At times this will just be a matter of a couple of notes scratched into a sidebar, for others I might write an entire encounter.  This not only makes things more colorful for my players but also gives me something to “pull out of my hat” if I need to stretch a session or fill some time.

     Since I have the blog now, I figured that I would post these here.  My Legends & Tales category will contain different background information for my campaign.  While these may include names of places or events from my campaign, I will try to keep them generic enough so they may easily be sculpted to fit any game.


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