Entering Savage Worlds

When I dusted myself off a few weeks ago, my first obstacle was choosing a game system.  I was aware that D&D was still out there, in its 4th incarnation, but really had no idea what else had come around in the past 20 years.

I had been lurking the r/RPG at Reddit.com and the folks there were full of suggestions.  Based on the fact that I had been a big fan of the Hero System back in the day, a number of people pointed me towards Savage Worlds.  They also did this because I had explained that I would be running with brand new players, who had never experienced a tabletop RPG before.

The appeal to the Hero System for me had always been the customizable aspect of it.  The ability to create (or recreate) any spell, power, or ability was very enjoyable.  As I understand it, GURPS runs with a similar system and I have considered looking into that at various times as well.  While I felt that both of these might be a bit “clunky” to run for my fledgling players, the Savage Worlds emphasis on “Fast!, Furious!, & Fun!” seemed to fit the bill nicely (while still offering a good deal of customization). 

Further investigation was what really sold me on Savage Worlds.  Pinnacle Entertainment Group seems to offer a great deal of support for their product.  Their licensing stance ensures that there is plenty of quality content available from other companies, as well as from countless fan sites.  Finally, it’s hard to argue with an initial investment of $9.99 for the core rules.

After a quick read-through of their free “Test Drive Rules”, I decided to give it a spin.  I promptly ordered the Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition & Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion. 

Having spent the day reading through the Explorer’s Edition, (still waiting on my Fantasy Companion) I’m pretty excited to get rolling.  All in all, I would say that it’s a pretty fair balance of being customizable and “rules light”.  I can’t imagine having to spend too much time flipping through rulebooks mid-game, and I think that will fit nicely with new players.

Now I’ll spend the rest of the evening formatting my first adventure for the system.  Then we’ll be ready to roll.  With luck, this week I’ll have my first game-night in 20 years!


If any of you out there have experience with Savage Worlds, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the system.  In addition, any tips that you may have would be greatly appreciated.  Good Gaming!



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5 responses to “Entering Savage Worlds

  1. Welcome to the Savage side! Savage Worlds is an absolutely fantastic mix of rules light and of crunchy bits. I love it. I suggest you have a look at this thread on the pinnacle forums as it contains a lot of useful information and links. In general I find the community very pleasant and helpful. Still relatively new to the system and have only had 4 games with it, but for me its the best RPG system I have ever played.

    I believe Gurps is actually quiet different. Where in SW you have a spell called “Bolt” and use trappings to change how it looks and feels Gurps is more traditional with huge spell lists akin to DnD as far as I know it.

    • Thanks. That’s a great link. I’m pretty excited to get rolling.

      I ran a few “test” melees this weekend and had a ball. The system really seems to shine when simulating old swashbuckling movies, where the heroes wade through groups of “extras”. Still, I didn’t get the sense that PCs would be overpowered.

      • Just remember that single exploding dice roll can kill a PC or your favorite Big Bad in one hit. For me that is one of the most important things to keep in mind. It feels very heroic but at the same time can get really deadly with a lucky roll.

        And yes I totally agree on the heroic battels part. I love the simple mechanics behind awesomly dynamic fights. It feels simple but is in fact very empowering. I have a ball thinking aboutnew tricks. Oh another thing you should look at is the combat sheet from the pinncale downloads section, that was really helpfull during combat so far. Don´t have a link here atm.

  2. I am unfamiliar with SW, so I’m very curious for your next few blogposts. Good luck with your GM’ing! 🙂

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