Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers D&D Podcast

     I just finished mowing the lawn and to be perfectly blunt, it was horrible!  For the first time since the warm weather returned to our little patch of southeastern Ohio, I found myself dreading the yard work.  It wasn’t so much the 90 degree temperatures that bothered me.  No, for the first time in months, I wasn’t able to enjoy my new guilty pleasure.

     I have mentioned that the gaming world has changed, since dropping out of the scene 20 years ago.  Along my path of rediscovering the hobby, I’ve encountered all sorts of new games but also marveled at how “new” forms of media are being used within the hobby.

     About 2 months ago, I upon Critical Hit:  A Major Spoilers D&D PodcastI was hooked immediately!  I’m not much for product reviews but I just had to pass this along.  I can honestly say that for the past couple months, all of my mundane chores have been made that much more pleasant by having these podcasts to listen to.

     The podcast is a spinoff production by the folks over at Major Spoilers  (a site dedicated to comics fandom and all things related).  The topic of 4e Dungeons & Dragons came up on one of their shows and before long, Critical Hit was born.

     It’s an “actual play” podcast, chronicling their 4e Dungeons & Dragons campaign.  Compared to other gaming podcasts that I have encountered, the show is of very high quality.  They use professional recording equipment and background noise is kept to a minimum.  The players are a mature bunch (as much as any of us are) and the off-topic banter is at a minimum.

     While I haven’t even cracked a 4e Dungeons & Dragons book since returning to the hobby, I find it incredibly enjoyable.  I would have never believed that listening to others enjoying a RPG would be entertaining.  However, I have taken to the story and even the players themselves. 

     I burned through over 100 episodes in no time (and my yard has never looked better).  The only problem is, now that I’m all caught up, I find myself still wanting more.  If you’re a gamer who finds yourself with some down-time.  I highly suggest that you give them a listen.

     You can download them for free at their site or also from the iTunes store.  Good Gaming!


     Thank you for reading.  If you happen to have any favorite podcasts (especially “actual play” casts) please mention them in a comment below.  Otherwise, I don’t know how I’m going to keep this lawn mowed all summer!





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4 responses to “Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers D&D Podcast

  1. I will have to have a listen.

  2. Oh ya. These guys are awesome. I’ve been listening since it began, and even before that to the Major Spoilers Podcast. It really is great.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for the kind words!

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