The Horror of Talaraska pt.1 (practice battlemap)

     I’ve spent the week, continuing to tinker with learning how to make maps with Gimp.  This is my first run at a battlemap, for a short encounter called The Horror of Talaraska.

     I hope to have the full encounter posted by week’s end.  This whole business is very new to me so I’d greatly appreciate any tips or feedback that you folks can offer.

     As with everything else, if anyone can find any use for this, by all means use it.  All of the brushes and textures used in this are community created and can be found at one of the following wonderful resources:,, &



Filed under Legends & Tales, Savage Worlds

3 responses to “The Horror of Talaraska pt.1 (practice battlemap)

  1. Cool first map! I can tell you will get the hang of this quicker then I did. 🙂 If I would have one suggestion it would be to try to keep building features to the center of squares. But that might be my personal preference screwing with things. I find it makes it easier to adjudicate line of sight and things like that. But I have to admit that keeping them a bit off center gives it a more interesting look.

  2. This looks pretty nice. I started playing around with GIMP yesterday after I saw this. Thanks for the tip. I’ll be putting up my first attempt at a map sometime this week…

    • Glad that you found it to be of some use. I’ve been meeting so many returning gamers lately. Figured it would be a use to pass along the wonderful resources that are out there.

      I’m itching to get back to it myself but real life has kept me pinned down for the past week.

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