A return to Azeroth?


 It’s been about 6 months since I’ve played World of Warcraft.  This morning I find myself contemplating a return to Azeroth. 

     I didn’t quit out of disgust or boredom, I simply moved on.  Sure, there have been changes over the years which I didn’t particularly agree with.  There are also things from my earlier experiences which I miss.  More than anything, I just felt that I had done the things which I desired to do and other things had a stronger calling to me at the time.

     By all accounts, today should be a nice, relaxing Sunday and as such, I find myself longing to spend some time adventuring in Azeroth.  What will I do when I get there?  That is the question which has me a bit stumped.

     My hunter, “Logust”, is perhaps my favorite personality within the game.  He’s getting quite close to his Loremaster achievement.  However, I’m not terribly drawn to finish it out.  I guess there’s not much of a point.

      I’m not much of a raider anymore.  I’m a bit burnt out of pvp at 85.  I guess I’m kind of lost.

     I’m considering creating an Alliance character and tinkering around with him.  I haven’t played an Alliance toon for many years so it might be nice to see what changes have taken place over the years.

     If you happen to stumble upon this post, I’d appreciate your input.  If you’re a veteran of WoW, how are you spending your time these days?  Have you found a server with a mature population?  Anything you care to share would be appreciated.



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10 responses to “A return to Azeroth?

  1. Oh noes, do not give in to the dark side! 😉

  2. I play WoW, but I wouldn’t define myself as hardcore. I go through spells where I won’t play for months, and then I’ll find myself wanting to play again. I enjoy doing a variety of things within the game that helps keep it interesting and refreshing…sometimes I’ll simply quest, I only run dungeons when I feel like it, and sometimes I’ll simply fly around the world and find new things that I’ve never seen before.

    Finding a server with a “mature” population can sometimes be difficult, but I can tell you that I play on Elune, and while there are certainly some bad apples, the majority of folks there seem to hold themselves to a higher standard.

    I don’t take WoW too seriously, and I think that’s why I’ve been able to enjoy such a long run of it, as I’ve been playing off and on since BC. If you do find yourself wandering back into Azeroth, feel free to pop in and say “hi”! 🙂

  3. I hate to admit it, but I’ve never played WoW 😦 My brother-in-law is addicted to the game and has encouraged me to play it. The game definitely looks appealing…

    The only MMORPG game I’ve had the pleasure of playing was EVE (I think this was in 2005). I was amazed that you could play a game with thousands of other people in real time. I remember commenting to my wife that if they had EVE back in the 1980’s I probably wouldn’t have graduated from high school 🙂 I truly enjoyed the game, but I ultimately had to give it up — I just didn’t have the time to play with all the other commitments I had.

  4. Quit Wower here! I was on it a lot and really enjoyed myself (NE Rogue ftw) When I stopped playing I got back into my mini painting which is really focussing me atm. I didn’t like Cata and just couldn’t keep up with the new harder raids as I was not hardcore enough and I played about 5-6 hours a week.

    Good luck – let us know what your return is like!


  5. I’ve popped in and out since Wrath. I’ve never been a hardcore raider but there were times (especially during BC) where I played quite a bit, merely because I had time to kill.

    I can’t get enough of a tabletop fix at the moment because I live in the middle of nowhere so I guess I’ll dabble around a bit.

  6. WoW was my one and only MMO for 2.5 years. Now I’m bouncing around between games, probably because the guild group that I had in WoW can’t agree on what to do next.

    Maybe you should try a class that is radically different to what you’ve played in the past? That worked for me when I was bored with my main (Boomkin), leveling a healer in our static group was great fun until we hit the usual end-game gear grind.

    I don’t see myself really getting back into WoW but the RP servers tend to have a slightly better population – I can only speak for Moonglade (EU-RPPVE) but I’ve heard similar about other EU RP servers.

    • I can’t really see myself doing much more than tinkering around a bit at this point. The whole atmosphere is different and that’s understandable.

      It was a fun ride though. I certainly had plenty of entertainment and built some great memories.

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