Loremaster at last!

     I needed a little escape this weekend.  For the past couple weeks, I’d been contemplating spending some time with WoW and it seemed like a good time for it.

     Settling in with a nice cup of coffee, I sat down and logged into Logust, my original hunter on Ravenholdt.  I’ve spent a lot of time with this fellow over the years, having created him during the first week that the server was open (about a month prior to the release of The Burning Crusade).

     My mission was to finally bang out his Loremaster achievement.  I’ve been close ever since the achievement was added but never managed to polish it off.  Real life commitments or periods of popping in and out of the game always tripped me up.  Just when I would get close, I’d start dating someone new, get a new job, or an expansion would come out. 

    At any rate, Logust promptly set about banging out quests and finally managed his Loremaster achievement.  Appropriately enough (for a hunter), I wrapped things up by finishing the last of the Nesingwary quests at the same time.

     I realize that the Loremaster is reasonably common these days.  However, it seemed fitting to wrap this up for the little imaginary Orc who has given me so much fun over the years.  Perhaps now I can find him a nice little hut in the Barrens to retire to.


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