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Lost Franchise: The Micronauts


  For the past couple months, Chaotic GM has been working up what appears to be a fantastic, generic Science Fiction supplement for Savage Worlds (http://chaosmeister.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/savage-worlds-savage-space-space-opera-sci-fi-supplement-pdf-release/ ) .  I always enjoy his stuff but I’ve never really been terribly interested in SF gaming.  While I was mowing the lawn yesterday, I let my mind wander and tried to think of a SF type campaign which I’d enjoy running.

     My thoughts quickly lead me to the Micronauts.  For those who may not recall, the Micronauts were a series of action figures from the late 1970’s.  These largely interchangeable toys pre-dated the Star Wars action figures and were wildly popular.

     In 1979, Marvel Comics launched a series based on the figures.  All the makings were there for a classic SF tale.  Commander Arcturus Rann leads a ragtag band of heroes across the “Microverse”.  Among his crew are a love interest, pair of loveable robots, warrior prince, and even a wise-cracking insect man.

     Baron Karza, the lead villain (and perhaps one of the most recognizable toys) was responsible for the creation of the “body banks”, wherein he harvested organs and limbs from slaves, in order to build his genetically engineered armies of soldiers.

     While clearly borrowing quite a bit from Star Wars (which was just reaching critical mass at this time), the story and characters were fresh enough to put my imagination into a whole different place.  I certainly came up with plenty of different stories for the adventures of the Micronauts as a kid.  I’m thinking that I could build quite a campaign out of the whole thing.  As an added bonus, during the course of my reminiscing, I learned that J.J. Abrams has been in negotiations to produce a movie based on the Micronauts.

     At any rate, I strongly urge you to pop over and check out Chaotic GM’s work on Savage Space ( http://chaosmeister.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/savage-worlds-savage-space-space-opera-sci-fi-supplement-pdf-release/ ).  He certainly managed to get my imagination flowing and I guess that’s one of the best things about our hobby.


     Thank you for reading.  My apologies for having to type out the links in long-form.  My “insert/edit link” button has been acting peculiar and I’m not certain why.  Will have to look into it but I’m in the middle of a job-hunt and chefs don’t seem to be in great demand in southeastern Ohio.

     Do you happen to remember the Micronauts?  Any other “Lost Franchises” out there which you always thought would fit well within an RPG?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Good Gaming.



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